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Some Examples Of Solar Panels Installations

Cambridge Installation

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Leeds Street Installation

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Newcastle Installation

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Solar Panels Aberdeen Installations Myths Explained

It was easy to dismiss Solar Panels Aberdeen as science fiction in the early days. Not only was the technology spotty and inconsistent, but it was also incredibly expensive.

But now that affordable residential solar panels Aberdeen in are available, people are finally taking this form of energy seriously. Not surprisingly, its critics have grown more desperate in recent years.

Whether they’re trying to protect an established energy source, or they just don’t believe in solar panels Aberdeen, detractors have been spreading lies and half-truths at an unprecedented pace. Let us take a moment to debunk a few of our favorites.

Myth: Only the rich can afford them.

Fact: According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the price of installation has plummeted by more than 73 percent since 2006. Generous Government Incentives such as FIT (feed-in-Tariff) “That pays you to generate electricity”  together with the saving have made solar panels Aberdeen affordable for homes of every economic strata.

Myth: They require a lot of upkeep.

Fact: Because they lack moving parts, residential systems require minimal maintenance. The only advice installers give is to inspect them for dirt and debris every few months. Other than that, these units are pretty much maintenance-free.

Myth: Solar Panels Aberdeen – They won’t work in some areas

Fact: While it is true that Solar Panels Aberdeen operate more efficiently in regions that get a lot of sun, they can still generate energy from ambient light on rainy or overcast days. They will work just fine in any region of the country. Especially solar panels in

Myth: They damage roofs.

Fact: Actually, the complete opposite is true. Numerous studies have found that panels actually protect roof surfaces from inclement weather. We should also add that the equipment, when properly installed, will not harm your roof in any way. It can be put in or taken out without damaging tiles, shingles or the wood underneath them.

Myth: They hurt resale value.

Fact: Once again, this one isn’t even close! Several studies have found that a working residential system can add thousands of pounds in value to the average home. One recent report found that a solar panel system could add as much as 5% to an average home of £150,000 a home’s resale value of an extra £7500.

Myth: They aren’t built to last.

Fact: As with any new technology, there are bound to be a few users who had a bad experience. Critics have seized on sketchy reports of dissatisfied customers to question the structural integrity of residential systems. Not surprisingly, most are tested to last that long, or longer.

Myth: They aren’t user-friendly.

Fact:    Once again, critics are trying to scare people away from using the new technology by telling half the story. Yes, there was a time when you had to be a techie to harness the power of the sun.

But due to recent improvements, today’s solar panels are as easy to operate as a microwave, DVD player, or any other appliance in your home.

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Now that you know the truth about solar panels Aberdeen, you can make up your own mind about the fastest-growing form of alternative energy.

* Plus installation and survey for solar panels installations. Price may vary.

** The £16,000 savings and earnings figure with solar panels Aberdeen over 20 years is just a projected example. It assumes between £450 and £610 per year available with the Generation Tariff and between £60 to £120 per year with the Export Tariff (the Feed In Tariff make up these two payments) and with LED Lights savings over a 20 year duration. The Feed In Tariff is guaranteed by the Government.
The calculation also assumes between £100 and £170 per year for 25 years of energy savings. – The 25 year time period is what is typical for Solar panels with a performance guarantee. There is also between £190 to £260 per year savings projected  from additional energy efficiency improvements using the “Solar iBoost System” (depending where your property is), this pre-heats hot water ready for use. We have used figures available from the Energy Saving Trust website at time of published here. Of course figure can change from these estimates as your energy use may change and tariff’s may change too, in addition the KW’s of electricity generated by the solar panels installed together with the make and type of solar panels Aberdeen chosen. Weather conditions, size and orientation of your solar panels. Not every household will qualify as funding is limited depending on the level of the Feed in Tariff available at the date of purchase. From that information we may opt-out of the free home surveys for solar panels Aberdeen installations, especially if potential earnings and savings change for solar panels Aberdeen.