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Solar Funding Incentive No Capital Outlay

“Amazing, our Solar Panels were installed with no upfront payments and ZERO expenses. It was the best choice for the family. Now we have all the benefits of reduced electricity bills and payments from the Government FIT scheme.”

Get Fully Funded Solar Panels With No Outlay

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No Upfront Payments
Government Backed Feed In Tariff

  • You Will have Full Ownership and Profit from Solar Energy Produced

  • * You could earn £16,000 or more over 20 years

  • Free No Obligation Survey

  • We Are Available 7 days a week

  • Must Be A Home Owner in Full Time Employment or In Receipt of a Private Pension

  • You Will Even Get Paid to Generate Your Own Electricity

  • Trusted By Hundreds Of Customers

  • You Will Start Making Savings Immediately

Customer Service Is Our Number 1 Priority

“We Only Use Nationwide Qualified MCS Registered Installers” 

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    Ask About Battery Storage Example; 10 Panels Battery Only £5497 *

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The *£16,000 earnings figure over 20 years is just a projected example. It assumes between £450 and £610 per year available with the Generation Tariff and between £60 to £120 per year with the Export Tariff (the Feed In Tariff make up these two payments) for a 20 year duration. The Feed In Tariff is guaranteed by the Government.
The calculation also assumes between £100 and £170 per year for 25 years of energy savings. – The 25 year time period is what is typical for Solar panels with a performance guarantee. There is also between £190 to £260 per year savings projected  from additional energy efficiency improvements using the “Solar iBoost System” (depending where your property is), this pre-heats hot water ready for use. We have used figures available from the Energy Saving Trust website at time of published here. Of course figure can change from these estimates as your energy use may change and tariff’s may change too, in addition the KW’s of electricity generated by the solar panels installed together with the make and type of solar panels chosen. Weather conditions, size and orientation of your solar panels. Not every household will qualify as funding is limited depending on the level of the Feed in Tariff available at the date of purchase. From that information we may opt-out of the free home surveys, especially if potential earnings and savings change.

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